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Decarbonisation is the biggest value creation opportunity of the next decade

Increase asset value
Boost property values by up to 11% and demand higher rents
Leverage your data goldmine
Unlock 75% efficiency gains by utilising the data you already own
make your brand shine
Tenants sign contracts based on sustainability rating
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Decarbonising real estate portfolios can feel impossible. The uncertainty in CAPEX, inaccurate financial forecasting, and lack of clarity in the value growth of your portfolio, compounded by data silos , make it impossible to steer towards your net zero goals.

MapMortar offers a straightforward four-step process to tackle these issues, laser focussed on growing portfolio value.
• 'Scan' centralises all building data into interactive 3D models to ease data access and collaboration.
• 'Measure' provides a better grasp of your carbon footprint and asset values through uniform data capture and integration.
• 'Improve' lets you refine your decarbonisation strategy for each building with retrofit simulations, streamlining execution.
• Finally, 'Oversight' involves continuous monitoring of your portfolio to reduce performance discrepancies and prevent asset stranding.

Take control with MapMortar – your clear route for managing portfolio decarbonisation more effectively and sustainably.
Real Estate Decarbonisation:
Made Affordable
MapMortar is a virtual modelling and simulation platform to make decarbonisation retrofit planning more accurate, saving costs in implementation.
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