Mortar IO becomes MapMortar

April 1, 2024

We're excited to share big news: Mortar IO has rebranded to MapMortar. This isn't just a new name, but a new direction that better reflects our focus and future in digitally mapping out real estate.

Why MapMortar?

Since our inception, Mortar IO has been on a mission to enable decarbonisation of buildings at scale, which can only be achieved through digitalisation. Our dedication has always been towards innovating and improving on the existing digital technologies available to us, to better serve our customers and our planet. As we evolved, it became clear that our brand identity should reflect not only where we are today but also where we are headed tomorrow.

MapMortar represents more than a name change; it signifies our sharpened focus on mapping technologies and our ambition to lay down the foundations — or "mortar" — that will support and connect the digital and physical realms and bring decarbonisation of our existing building stock into the 21st century.

MapMortar branding

A Fresh Identity

With MapMortar comes a new look. Our updated logo and colour scheme represent our optimism about the future of sustainable real estate. Not to get too arty, but the colours remind us of dawn, which is further reflected in the circle in our take on a location pin, standing in for the sun.

Background to the MapMortar icon

What Does This Mean for You?

For our clients and partners, this rebranding means a maturing of MapMortar as a brand, underpinned by the same values and commitment you've started to know us for. We're forever here to support your success in an ever-evolving decarbonisation landscape.

Forward Together

This rebranding marks a milestone in our journey. We're excited for what the future holds and invite you to join us. Welcome to the next stage of our journey!

Real Estate Decarbonisation:
Made Affordable
MapMortar is a virtual modelling and simulation platform to make decarbonisation retrofit planning more accurate, saving costs in implementation.
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